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dating expert long island

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will expand their brood by 1 come Winter. We're told baby #3 is due at the end of January. Kim and Kanye hired a surrogate because she has a medical condition -- placenta accreta -- that became extremely serious during her second pregnancy and we're told it could become life-threatening if she tried to carry another baby to term. They paid $45k for the surrogate, who is prohibited from smoking, drinking or doing drugs during the pregnancy. Also, no hot tubs, hair dye and raw fish.
The NFL isn't giving up in the fight to punish Ezekiel Elliott -- the league has just filed court docs to appeal the preliminary injunction that had been awarded to the Dallas Cowboys running back last week. The point of filing the appeal ... the league wants to enforce the 6-game suspension as soon as possible, ideally this season -- and the appeal is the best way to try and get that result. So, what's next? The NFL will file more papers detailing why they think the judge who handed out the preliminary injunction got it wrong. Elliott will then respond to those arguments. Eventually, a 3 judge panel will likely hear the appeal. The panel could reverse the decision which would give the NFL the power to enforce the suspension ASAP.
Dana White says he REALLY hopes Jon Jones' positive drug test is a mistake and he'll be exonerated by the B sample ... but he says that's "highly unlikely." White appeared on the "TMZ Sports" TV show (airs weeknights on FS1) and said he still hasn't personally spoken with Jones since he learned the UFC superstar tested positive for steroids. White said he was disappointed in Jones -- since the guy is so insanely gifted, he doesn't need banned substances to dominate in the UFC. "He doesn't need it!!!! He doesn't need to do that! He's that talented and that gifted that he doesn't need drugs."
Katy Perry is in a toe jam, after a woman claims she lost one of hers while working on the singer's tour. Christina Fish claims in a lawsuit she was hired as a stagehand for Katy's Prismatic World Tour in 2014. On the night of Katy's Raleigh, NC concert she was asked to help move a wall ... when it got stuck and then rolled across her foot. She says she felt her shoe fill with blood. She says she was offered ice but no one called for an ambulance, so she had to call a friend to pick her up and take her to the ER. Christina says her right toe became gangrenous, and eventually needed to be amputated. She says she wasn't able to use her foot for months. She also says she suffered great emotional distress, because orthopedic doctors instructed her to keep her "dead toe" on as long as possible before the eventual amputation.

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